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Our roots, our land


Barbero family, winemakers since 1963

In 1963 the marriage between the Barbero family and the Langhe began when Secondino Barbero with his wife Maria Ottavia decided to buy a Cascina, a house, located in a Fonda or rather in a hilly area sheltered from the wind, because it was built in the belly of the hill.

It all began with just one hectare of vineyard

Secondino and his wife cultivated six hectares of hazelnuts, corn, wheat, vegetables and medical herbs, both for the sale of the products and for their livelihood. At the time, in the countryside, we nourished ourselves with what was produced. Only one hectare was dedicated to the vineyard.

Since 1988, his sons Marco and Massimo Barbero

Over the years, Secondino converts more and more hectares to vineyards, a process that continued when, in 1988, his sons Marco and Massimo took over the company and in 1991 brought the company to its current size. A total of 12 hectares of high quality vineyards between the municipalities of Neive and Mango.

Marco Barbero

owner and agronomist


Massimo Barbero

owner and winemaker

Innovators and keepers of tradition

Marco and Massimo will build in 2002 a new cellar designed by the architect De Maria from Alba, functional and elegant, designed and built to make wine, but through architectural concepts of functionality and innovation.
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