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Architecture & Wine

In 2002 the new cellar was born following the principles of functionality, elegance, respect for the environment and innovation.

Work of the architect Valerio Demaria of Alba, the new structure was embedded in the belly of the hill.

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The cellar is characterized by a long portico punctuated by a row of closely spaced pillars.

Thanks to this portico and the fact that it is embedded in the hill, the winemaking area is always cool and fresh.

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Inside the cellar, the Y-shaped columns are an amazing solution chosen to safeguard the maximum possible working space.

Technological innovation joins traditional slow work . 


We work with the most modern tools for winemaking, such as steel autoclaves, latest generation filters, two cold rooms for the storage of bottled wines and a cutting-edge bottling line.

In our barrique cellar we have the French oak barriques where we refine our Barbaresco, while for our classic method we stack our bottles sur lattes, and then rotate them periodically by hand.

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