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Visits and tastings

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Come and discover our world

We are in Neive, a small town known mainly for the famous Barbaresco. However, since we like challenges, unlike all the other producers in the area, we also wanted to focus on bubbles, sweet with our Moscato d'Asti and dried like our surprising Alta Langa.

We are Massimo and Marco, the so-called Moscato d’Asti’s brother and after more than 30 years dedicated to the production of wine we are ready to welcome you to our cellar to make you participate in the revenge of Moscato d'Asti and let you taste the true flavors of the Langhe.

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Large windows overlooking the wonderful hills of the Langhe embraced by the Alps and a panoramic terrace surrounded by vineyards where you can taste our wines, you can also taste genuine products that selected farms of our territory can produce such as meats, cheeses and obviously the hazelnuts from our Langhe!

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how your visit to the winery will take place with tasting of our wines:

We start from nature and where everything comes from.
We will then go and visit the nearby Moscato vineyard, where you can walk freely among the rows completely immersed in our biodiversity.

Make sure you have your phone and / or camera with a charged battery because I bet you will need them!


Then we will move to the cellar, the magical place where our wines take shape and acquire their character.
If you have never seen a winery, it will be an amazing experience.
Infact, we will be pleased to let you know in total transparency all the phases that allow us to produce our wines.
We are convinced that a more aware wine lover is definitely happier.
Well, if not now, you will definitely be happier when you find out what we will do next ...

Oh, finally we are ready to fill the glasses and to put something under our teeth.
Obviously all strictly local products and of the highest quality.
As for the wines we guarantee and we will be pleased to let you taste, in order:
  • Driveri Classic Method
  • Langhe Nebbiolo
  • Moscato d'Asti Bel Piano
    Accompanied by the following gastronomic goodies:
  • Bread
  • Salami
  • Cheese: Toma from Alta Langa
  • Cugnà to combine with cheese
  • Roasted Mango Hazelnuts
  • Corn or hazelnut cake (based on availability)



How much does the visit with tasting at Cascina Fonda cost?
It costs € 20 per person.
When is the experience available?
Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 am to 12:00 am and from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm. On specific request we also evaluate other days and times.
Can i bring my dog?
Of course, your 4-legs friend is also our friend!
What if it rains?
No problem, we have large indoor spaces and the experience will still be beautiful, tasty, informative and exciting.
Do children pay?
No, children do not pay and can enjoy delicious non-alcoholic fruit juices.
Can I buy wine in the cellar?
Of course, we also ship if you don't have space or if you come to visit us on a motorbike. You can pay in cash, VISA and MasterCard circuit cards.
Where can i park my car?
We have a large parking for any model of car.
What languages do you speak?
We can carry out our visits with tastings in Italian and English. Other languages only on specific request.
Who we are?
Massimo & Marco

Book the experience

Thank you! We will contact you shortly for our availability!

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